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Best Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Training Institute in Noida

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Training in Noida is organized by 10Daneces. 10Daneces is a leading Industrial training institute in Noida. We provide most learning environment for major technical Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical at affordable price. The best Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training institute in Noida offers the best technical IT training for the regarding Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical. We provide basic and advanced level Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Training in Noida with proper practically knowledge. At 10Daneces, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Training is offered by industry experts having 8-10 Yrs. of experience.

10Daneces has well prepared hardware lab for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training in Noida. Hardware & Software are required to learn all the skills set for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training. Our trainers organize job oriented Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training. 10Daneces is one of the well-equipped Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training center in Noida. We provide training on a real-time project which helps to student in a better understanding. 10Daneces & our trainers also help to student to get placement in top MNCs by preparation at different strategies. We have designed Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical content and syllabus to achieve their professional goals.

Furthermore, 10Daneces is the well-known Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training center in Noida with high tech infrastructure & lab facilities. We also provide access of servers so that candidates will implement the projects at home easily. More than 3000+ candidates are mentored by 10Daneces in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training in Noida at very affordable fees.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical Training & Placement in Noida

In addition, 10Daneces built-in multi-facilitate class rooms with installed projectors. So that, candidates can better understand the topic in the better way. Our strong associations with top organizations like HCL, Wipro, Dell, Birlasoft, TechMahindra, TCS, IBM etc. make us capable to place our students in top MNCs across the globe. 10Daneces is one of the best Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training center in Noida with 100% placement support. We have placed thousands of students according to their skills and area of interest that makes us student’s preferred Microsoft Dynamics NAV Technical training institute in Noida. Next, we closely monitor the growth of students in our training and assist them to increase their performance and level of knowledge.

Key Features of PHP Frameworks Training are:

  • Design POC (Proof of Concept): This process is used to ensure the feasibility of the client application.
  • Video Recording of every session will be provided to candidates.
  • Live Project Based Training.
  • Job-Oriented Course Curriculum.
  • Course Curriculum is approved by Hiring Professionals of our client.
  • Post Training Support will helps the associate to implement the knowledge on client Projects.
  • Certification Based Training are designed by Certified Professionals from the relevant industries focusing on the needs of the market & certification requirement.
  • Interview calls till placement.

Module 1: Microsoft Dynamics Nav Development Environment

  • Lesson 1: Basic Objects in Microsoft Dynamics Nav
  • Lesson 2: Object Designer Fundamentals
  • Lesson 3: Team Development Features
  • Lesson 4: Physical and the Logical Databases
  • Lab 1.1: Designing and Running an Object

Module 2: Tables

  • Lesson 1: Table Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: Primary and Secondary Keys
  • Lesson 3: Table Relationships
  • Lesson 4: Special Table Fields
  • Lab 2.1: Create a Table

Module 3: Pages

  • Lesson 1: Page Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: Page Designer
  • Lesson 3: Page Types and Characteristics
  • Lab 3.1: Create a Card and a List Page

Module 4: Introduction to C/al Programming

  • Lesson 1: C/al Programming
  • Lesson 2: Intrinsic Data Types
  • Lesson 3: Identifiers, Variables, and Syntax
  • Lesson 4: Variable Scope
  • Lab 4.1: Investigate Data Types

Module 5: Assignment Statements and Expressions

  • Lesson 1: Assignment Statements
  • Lesson 2: The Syntax of Statements
  • Lesson 3: Automatic Type Conversions
  • Lesson 4: Use Assignment Statements and the Symbol Menu
  • Lesson 5: Expressions, Terms, and Operators
  • Lesson 6: The String Operator
  • Lesson 7: Function Calls in Expressions
  • Lesson 8: Numeric Expressions
  • Lesson 9: Arithmetic Operators
  • Lesson 10: Relational and Logical Expressions
  • Lesson 11: Relational Expressions for Comparison
  • Lesson 12: Relational Expressions for Set Inclusion
  • Lesson 13: Logical Expressions
  • Lab 5.1: Use Logical and Relational Expressions in a Page

Module 6: C/al Statements

  • Lesson 1: Conditional Statements and Boolean Expressions
  • Lesson 2: The IF Statement
  • Lesson 3: The EXIT Statement
  • Lesson 4: The CASE Statement
  • Lesson 5: Compound Statements and Comments
  • Lesson 6: The Syntax of Compound Statements
  • Lesson 7: Compound Statement by Using Nested IF Statements
  • Lesson 8: The Syntax of Comments
  • Lesson 9: Practice: Nested IF
  • Lab 6.1: Use Conditional and Compound Statements
  • Lesson 10: Arrays
  • Lesson 11: The Syntax of Arrays
  • Lesson 12: The Power of Arrays
  • Lesson 13: Strings as Arrays of Characters
  • Lesson 14: Repetitive Statements
  • Lesson 15: The WITH Statement

Module 7: C/al Functions

  • Lesson 1: Functions and Parameters
  • Lesson 2: Review Built-in Functions
  • Lesson 3: Data Access Functions
  • Lesson 4: Sorting and Filtering Functions
  • Lesson 5: Data Manipulation Functions
  • Lesson 6: Working with Fields
  • Lesson 7: User Interaction Functions
  • Lesson 8: Other Common CAL Functions
  • Lesson 9: Create Custom Functions
  • Lesson 10: Local Functions, Variables and the EXIT Statement
  • Lab 7.1: Create Custom Functions

Module 8: Reports

  • Lesson 1: Reports Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: Report Design Process
  • Lesson 3: Design the Data Model
  • Lesson 4: Creating a Data Model
  • Lesson 5: Designing the Layout
  • Lesson 6: The Request Page Designer
  • Lesson 7: Design the Request Options Page
  • Lesson 8: Grouping and Totaling
  • Lesson 9: Add Advanced Features
  • Lab 8.1: Creating a Basic Report

Module 9: XmlPorts

  • Lesson 1: XMLPort Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: Design XMLports
  • Lab 9.1: Create an XMLport to Export XML Data
  • Lesson 3: Importing and Exporting Plain Text
  • Lab 9.2: Create an XMLport to Export Variable Text
  • Lesson 4: Using XMLports in C/AL Code

Module 10: Codeunits

  • Lesson 1: Codeunit Fundamentals
  • Lesson 2: Design Codeunits
  • Lesson 3: Use Codeunits
  • Lesson 4: SMTP

Module 12: Queries

  • Lesson 1: Query Design
  • Lab 12.1: Using a Query from a Chart
  • Lesson 2: Accessing Queries from C/AL
  • Lab 12.2: Using Queries in C/AL
  • Lesson 3: Advanced Query Concepts

Module 13: Practice

  • R & D on Base Tables & Practise Exercises

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