THR84 # Recruiting Marketing Academy

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Module 1: Introduction to Recruiting Marketing and Career Site Builder

  • About This Module
  • Describing the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing Academy
  • Explaining Implementation Documents and Support
  • Describing Recruiting Marketing
  • Describing Career Site Builder
  • Describing the Other RMK Core Components
  • Describing Implementation Methodology
  • Identifying Implementation Tools
  • Listing Roles and Responsibilities
  • Listing Resources for RMK Definitions Recruiting Marketing Terminology

Module 2: Recruiting Management Configuration

  • About This Module
  • Describing Best Practices for Job Requisition Data Formatting
  • Configuring the Recruiting Management (RCM) Instance

Module 3: Recruiting Marketing Project Kick-off

  • About This Module
  • Setting Up a Project after the Handoff from Sales
  • Completing the Readiness Checklist
  • Setting Up for the Project Kick-off
  • Creating a Configuration Workbook
  • Customizing the Project Plan
  • Completing the Site Setup

Module 4: Recruiting Integration Configuration

  • About This Module
  • Enabling CSB and Configuring the RMK Datacenter URLs
  • Enabling Candidate Account Simplification (CAS)
  • Configuring Recruiter Single Sign-on (SSO)
  • Configuring Real-time Job Sync (RTJS)
  • Configuring Marketing Central and Recruiting Posting
  • Troubleshooting Recruiting Integration Issues

Module 5: Additional Setup in Command Center

  • About This Module
  • Setting Up a Subdomain and Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Performing RMK Social Configuration
  • Building Iteration 1
  • Enabling Brands in CSB

Module 6: Career Site Design and Introduction to CSB

  • About This Module
  • Describing Best Practices for Website Design
  • Listing the Standard Inclusions for RMK Career Site Page Types
  • Reviewing Career Site Builder Functionality
  • Describing Tips in the Tools

Module 7: Iteration 1 – Global Settings, Global Styles, and Home Pages

  • About This Module
  • Enabling Global Settings
  • Customizing Global Styles
  • Creating Home Pages

Module 8: Iteration 1 – Category and Content Pages, Headers and Footers

  • About This Module
  • Creating Category Pages
  • Creating Content Pages
  • Creating Landing Pages
  • Updating the Home Page and Duplicating for Each of the Brands
  • Creating Headers and Footers for Each of the Brands
  • Describing Additional Lucene Information

Module 9: Other Setup in CSB and Command Center

  • About This Module
  • Enabling Mobile Apply
  • Creating RCM Microsites and Associating with RMK Brands
  • Configuring Job Page Layouts
  • Generating Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pages
  • Modifying the Search Grid
  • Replacing System Text by Using the Translations Menu
  • Configuring Email Templates
  • Setting Up Role Based Permissions in CSB
  • Conducting User Acceptance Testing for Iteration 1

Module 10: Iterations 2-3 and Locale Configuration

  • About This Module
  • Building Iteration 2
  • Building Iteration 3
  • Configuring Locales
  • Enabling Locales in Command Center
  • Setting Up Locales in Career Site Builder
  • Troubleshooting Locale Issues

Module 11: Job Distribution and Media Services

  • About This Module
  • Describing Recruiting Posting
  • Describing Job Distribution and Media Services Options

Module 12: Move to Production

  • About This Module
  • Setting Up the Move to Production
  • Delivering Backlinks and Widget Code
  • Performing a Quality Check of the Production Site
  • Performing the Final Project Tasks
  • Describing Advanced Analytics

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