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Unit 1: Introduction to SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management

  • About This Module
  • Introducing SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting
  • Preparing an Instance for Recruiting Configuration
  • Managing Applicant Statuses
  • Introducing Recruiting Operators
  • Using Recruiting Resources

Unit 2: Job Requisitions

  • About This Module
  • Enabling the Job Requisition Data Model (JRDM) and Assigning Permissions
  • Creating Job Requisitions
  • Configuring Job Requisition Templates
  • Configuring Job Requisition Field Permissions
  • Configuring Job Search Fields
  • Identifying and Adding JRDM Field Types
  • Managing Picklists
  • Managing Cascading Picklists
  • Configuring Requisition Headers and Footers
  • Identifying Additional Field Types and Configuring Custom Tokens
  • Defining and Configuring Button Permissions
  • Defining and Configuring Feature Permissions
  • Formatting Job Requisition Data
  • Discovering Job Requisition Tips and Tricks

Unit 3: Candidate Profile and Application

  • About This Module
  • Describing the Candidate Profile Template (CPT)
  • Configuring CPT Background Elements
  • Synchronizing Background Elements
  • Creating the External Career Portal
  • Connecting Application and Requisition
  • Modifying the Application
  • Posting Job Requisitions
  • Reviewing Candidate Applications
  • Configuring Country Fields
  • Applying with LinkedIn

Unit 4: Candidate Management

  • About This Module
  • Adding Pre-Screening Questions
  • Adding Competencies
  • Configuring Interviews and Related Features
  • Configuring the Offer Detail Template
  • Creating Offer Letter Templates
  • Explaining Offer Processes
  • Managing Templates with the Manage Templates Tool

Unit 5: Correspondence, Agencies, and Employee Referral

  • About This Module
  • Identifying and Using Standard Recruiting Email Notifications
  • Creating and Connecting Recruiting Email Templates
  • Using Ad Hoc Email Notifications
  • Configuring SMS Notifications
  • Enabling and Configuring Agencies in Provisioning and the JobRequisition Data Model (JRDM)
  • Enabling Agency Functionality in Admin Center
  • Posting a Requisition to an Agency
  • Submitting Candidates to Requisitions
  • Describing the Employee Referral Process
  • Enabling Data Privacy
  • Customizing Help Text

Unit 6: Team Recruiting Configuration

  • About This Module
  • Configuring Team Recruiting

Unit 7: Job Distribution, OData APIs, and Intelligent Services

  • About This Module
  • Sending Jobs to Job Distribution Vendors
  • Describing OData APIs for Recruiting Management
  • Describing Intelligent Services within Recruiting

Unit 8: HR Master Data in Recruiting Management

  • About This Module
  • Describing HR Master Data in Recruiting Management

Unit 9: SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management Academy Case Study

  • About This Module
  • Configuring SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting for XYZ, Inc

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